2020 Show & Clinic Schedule

All shows are SAHJA RATED unless noted otherwise. If you don’t see a show listed that you’d really like to go to please let me know. Please let me know if you are planning on qualifying for any specific Medal Finals: SAHJA, ALMADEN, CLOVERLEAF

January 25

Leone Equestrian

February 8-9

Leone Equestrian

February 19-23

Rancho Murieta Northern Winter Classic 2

"A" show NOT SAHJA

March 14-15

Leone Equestrian

April 2-5

Brookside Premier "B"

April 25-26

Leone Equestrian

May 6-10

Sonoma Horse Park "A"

We must have 4+ horses for this show

June 3-7

Brookside Beach Party

June 18-21


July 8-12

Brookside Almaden Medal Finals

August 13-16

Brookside Wine Country Classic

August 22-23

Leone Equestrian Finale

September 19-20

Brookside Back To School

October 1-4

Brookside Fall Festival

October 21-25

Rancho Murieta Halloween Show

Starting this year there will be a sign up cut off date. If you cancel going to the show after the cut off date you will still be responsible for:

  • Grooming Fees
  • Stall Fee (if required by show manager)
  • 50% of Trainer Fees

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